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Medical Qigong is based on the Chinese Medical principle that all disease is based in energetic patterns. Therefore, it can be used to assist in treating any disease process by adjusting, balancing, and restoring proper energetic functioning to the body.  

Energy Healing healing sessions are an incredibly powerful treatment option.  Now, not only is modern science validating this ancient form of healing, but after years of practicing energy medicine and remote healing, Musetta has seen an ever greater  demand and ever greater variety of benefits from this form of treatment.

For people who are not able to be treated on-site, remote energy treatments are a very potent option. They can be just as effective and sometimes even more effective than in-clinic treatments. This is because the duration of the focused treatment time is longer than in clinical treatments, which gives the patient time to reach a deeper and longer-lasting state of relaxation. Within this time, the body’s physiology has more time to adjust and regulate itself. This duration allows for a state of balance and homeostasis to set in and become more established. Hence, patients often experience unusually profound realizations,  relaxation and a great “let-go” as the result of these treatments.

The frequency and duration of sessions are determined based on the needs of each individual patient and their specific concern.

Remote sessions are generally conducted over the course of one hour. The patient is able to rest quietly in the comfort of his/her own space. The effects of the treatments will be strongest during that hour, but will have profound lingering effects for days, weeks or even a lifetime. In many cases only one or two sessions can resolve acute pain or infection.

An initial phone conversation to discuss the patient’s needs and symptoms is required. This is free of charge


Treatments can be in person, outcall or long distance.  

Please call or e-mail to schedule an appointment or to discuss how Qigong treatments might be appropriate for you.

Initial Consultation & Treatment

The initial consultation and treatment can take an hour to an hour and a half. Please allow appropriate time for your first consultation.

Qigong Treatment

Qigong treatments are available in person or outcall.

Distance Healing

 Remote treatments are available via Skype, phone or long distance

Qigong for Pets

Pets need healing too. 

In person or long distance treatments available.


Tel: 310 - 717 - 6672

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